• HELLO MathTwitterBlogosphere! I am Jennifer and I have been teaching for 15 years.  4 years at 4th grade, 6 years at 6th grade and the last 5 I have been teaching 7th & 8th grade math!  I love it!  I teach in Hermiston, Oregon and have spent my entire career in Oregon although I grew up in Wenatchee Washington.   I have always wanted to be a teacher, I have 6 younger brothers and we often played school and of course I was the teacher.
  • I absolutely love spending my day with teenagers and helping them learn not only math, but how to negotiate the teen years.  Middle school was a really hard time for me, however several amazing teachers made it great.  I hope every year to do the same for my students.  I am very passionate about math and learning and I try to convey that to my students in many ways.  I have math TOMS, several funny math T-shirts, we decorated pi shaped cookies on pi day and this year I am using songs to teach math concepts.  I will do almost anything to help these kids learn math .
  • I have been following several inspiring math blogs for the last year or so and this summer I joined twitter.  I am hoping to be less of a stalker and more of a contributor is the reason I joined the MathTwitterBlogosphere.Image


  1. Hi Jennifer. I think that your personal experiences in middle school give you empathy for what kids are going through. You sound like a caring and energetic teacher. Following and reading blogs has changed and improved my practice. And blogging myself has also improved my teaching in other ways. Thanks for sharing.

    Sweet shoes.

  2. Hey Jennifer! Those are some stylin’ Toms! i think i may need some too! I’ve been teaching 1 year less than you, and also LOVE teaching Middle School. I try and teach my students (my kids) about life too. One thing I usually teach is “fly under the radar”. I tell them, “if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, like homework in my class, you don’t want to get CAUGHT! You need to ‘fly under the radar’ and not get in trouble.” it’s not that i want to have the kids do things they shouldn’t, but if they are… don’t be obvious about it! As many middle schooler’s are! Keep up the good work! I live a little south of you, in sunny southern California, but visit Portland often as my mom lives there!

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