1st 5 days

I started this blog last fall as part of a #mtbos challenge, but I didn’t keep up very well. So I am trying again with the new challenge, you can read about it here.


I have read through so many blogs and posts that I was struggling to get started.  You know that feeling you have when you have so many great ideas and don’t know where to go with them.  So the last day or so I have just decided to get some ideas down and then talk with colleagues next week during in-service to firm up my plans.  So here they are for now.

1st day

We will start by doing a Number Talk .  I am choosing addition & subtraction problems for the first week because many of students struggle with fluency.  84 + 48 is there first problem.  They will not be allowed to write anything down or use any calculator.  They will have a few minutes to solve this problem, then will signal me with a thumbs up under their chin.  When all students have solved it, I will call on students to share their solutions as I write down their thinking.

Next I am going to introduce myself by showing kids this.  Then the students will complete their own.  I will have students present their entire poster to the people at their table.  Next 1 person from each table will stand up and share 1 or 2 numbers about everyone at their table.

Then we will be discussing the Rules, Norms & Mindset.  Right now my rules are 1) Be respectful of yourself, your classmates and your teacher.  2) Be responsible for your learning.

Finally I am going to steal an activity from Fawn and do weekly problem solving.  We are starting with Cooper’s dog pen

2nd day

Number talk  18 + 77, same procedure as day 1.

Textbook checkout – All the 8th graders do text book check out on Tuesday.

I always want to do student surveys, then I collect them and they sit in a drawer.  This year I am going to use our active expressions to do a get to know me activity.  I haven’t written it out yet, but I am going to use this as my guide to write the questions.

Next students are going to work in groups to solve the penny a day problem.  I can’t remember where I found this one today, so if it yours please let me know so I can give you credit.  The problem is  Would you rather get 75 cents a day for 15 days OR 1 cent the first day, then doubled each day for 15 days?

Then we will be continue discussing the Rules, Norms & Mindset, including the expectations for my classroom.

3rd day

Number talk 49 + 12

Students will then complete the group personality worksheet.  I found this activity at Math McMatherson’s blog  Students will share their worksheets with the class.  Then they will do the Noahs-Ark Problem that I stole from Fawn

4th day

We will do a number talk and then I will be going over the handbook slides that are required by our district.  I hopefully will have time to do another math problem or activity.

5th day

We will start with number talk and we are going to be playing a math game.  I am not sure which one yet, so send me your favorite.

My first day is not until Aug. 25, so I have some time to add or change my plans.  I think I have a good start for now.  Please share your 1st 5 day at Sherri’s blog


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