3-2-1 week 2

3 Things that made me happy this week

1. Family Reunion – I got enough done in my room on Friday that I was able to drive to Wenatchee and surprise my family.  The annual Chadderdon family reunion was this weekend and we weren’t going to go.  But I surprised not only my daughters, but all of my family in Wenatchee by attending.  Best decision ever.  It was a much needed get away before school starts on Monday. 

2. Inservice Week – We had a great kick off week, yes we still had 2 half days of meetings.  But the meetings started and ended on time and were interactive. We got time to share, discuss, laugh and come together as a staff.  1/4 of our staff is new and I think it was one of the best starts we have had.  Our district also gave us most of a day to work with our PLC.  This time allowed us to set our goals, get some CFA’s written, review curriculum map and vertical alignment with 6th – 8th grades. 

3. My husband is home by 8:00 on the night before school.  He is a night owl and usually works in his classroom until 11 or 12 on the night before the first day.  This year he got it all done early and we actually got to enjoy dinner together as a family.  

2 Things for me this week

1. Haircut – The first day of school is tomorrow and I didn’t get my back to school haircut this weekend – instead I went to Wenatchee and saw my family.  It was totally worth it, but I need to get a haircut sometime this week. 

2. Pedicure – I don’t have to have one, (don’t tell my husband) but I want one.  And I want the pampering that comes with it.  I am thinking of getting the pi symbol on my big toes.  Has anyone done this, send me a pic so I can see if I like it.  Thanks!

1 Thing that is going to keep me awake

1.  The first day of school is tomorrow and that means, even though I am really tired, I will be awake way to late tonight.  It happens every year.  So here is to a great year and an even better night sleep tonight. 🙂


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