3-2-1 Summary Week 3

3 Things that went great last week

1. Last week was the first week of school and it was one the best first weeks of my career.  We did a number talk on the first day and for many of my kids it was what they wrote about on reflection Friday.  They liked learning there is more than one way to solve a problem, this makes me so HAPPY.  I decided to do number talks 2 to 3 days a week with a couple of classes.  The kids in those classes have traditionally struggled in math and I think teaching them that there are lots of ways to solve a single problem will make them feel and be successful.   Fawn Nguyen posted a list of ideas for math talks & number talks here and here.  I plan on using these down the road, right now we are focusing on addition problems.

2. Weekly warm up.  I decided to do a daily warm up with my classes this year and I made this weekly warm up 1template.  On Monday we did a number talk, Tuesday a would you rather , Wednesday was Estimation180, Thursday we attempted visual patterns and reflected on Friday.  These went great, kids were engaged, they seemed to like most days.  I am excited to do these every week.

3. Marshmallow Challenge revisited.  I did the marshmallow challenge with my exploration classes on Monday, first day.  It went well, but with everything we had to do day 1 we did not get a change to discuss the learning.  They wrote down their answers to my reflection questions so they would have them when we got to talk about it again.  I am so glad I had them write it down because we didn’t get to revisit the challenge until Thursday.  I am also glad we didn’t get to until then because on Wednesday I read Justin’s blog and was inspired to revisit the challenge.   We started by watching the TED video about the challenge, then we discussed what they had written down on Monday.  Finally, I explained to them the new challenge.  They were going to again build the tallest freestanding structure in 18 minutes, this time however, they could swap or add one thing.

  • They could use fettuccine noodles instead of spaghetti.  Either way they still get 20.IMG_2797 faces edited
  • They could use 1 yd of duck tape instead of masking tape.IMG_2791
  • They could use 1 yd of string instead of 1 yd of yarn ( No one chose this option)
  • They could keep everything the same, but have 8 mini marshmallows to use in building their structure.


  • The tallest tower was 34 inches, they used fettuccine noodles.IMG_2794IMG_2796

It went great and I can’t wait to do it again.

2 Things I need to work on this week

1. I need to work more on being a guide on the side with my classes.  I find myself showing them the pattern or how to do something instead of letting them struggle a bit and discovering it them self.

2. My presentation for the Northwest Math Conference.  I will be presenting on Friday morning at 8 am on the Practices in Practice.  I will be demonstrating ways to incorporate the math practices in the middle school classroom.  You should come, if not for me then to see and meet Fawn, DanAndrew and Jo will be there.  It’s gonna be awesome!

1 thing I am eagerly anticipating

 Thursday night 5:30 pm!  GO HAWKS!!!!



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