Goals for the year

I am working on being a better blogger and so I have accepted @teachthought challenge.  The challenge is to do a 30 day reflective blog, you can find the detail here.

Day 1 My goals for the year:

1. Use a math workshop model in my classroom.  I read Minds on Mathematics by Wendy Ward Hoffer this summer and knew I needed to try this.  I am hoping  my students can become problem solvers and critical thinkers instead of just redoing what I do in examples.math book

2. We started school last week and the energy was great.  I want to help keep that energy up and positive. What are your tips and tricks for keeping teachers upbeat?

3. Be a leader who is willing to listen more than talk.  I find myself always being the first to share at team leader meetings and during PLC’s.  I can learn more by listening first and then sharing my ideas if necessary.


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