I am on day 2 of @teachthought #reflectiveteacher 30 day blog challenge.  Today’s question is about technology you want to try this year and why.  I need to learn Desmos.  This is an online calculator that allows you to graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations & more.  And the best part is it is FREE!!!!  While I have been teaching 7th & 8th grade for a few years now, I came up from the elementary and don’t have an advanced math background.  This means I don’t use graphing calculators with my students or myself.  I have bookmarked some pretty cool lessons that other teachers have done using Desmos, but until I learn to use it better I don’t feel comfortable asking my students to use it.  Fortunately for me our district has a technology TOSA.  She, too, has an elementary background, but is willing to play with the site and then give me some tips on how to use it.  I think she should come to one of our PLC’s and teach all the math teachers.  If you have any tips for helping me learn Desmos please send them my way. Thanks

Jenn @mrscoxey


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