3 days in a row!!!  Wow – go me.  I am not sure that anyone is reading this, but it is hopefully making me into a better teacher and really that is what I want.  No, seriously, stop laughing at me!  Ok, Ok – I really want fame and fortune, but since I am a teacher that will never happen.  So I will become the best teacher I can.  @teachthought #reflectiveteacher prompt for today is:

Discuss one “observation” area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation.  When I first read this I was unsure of what area I wanted to improve on.  I know I could use some improvement in just about every area, I think everyone can, but what one thing do I think would help me to become a better teacher so my students can learn better.  I went to my district’s evaluation handbook and look through our standards and the one that jumped out to me was Standard 7: Classroom Procedures and Physical Environment.  We have guiding questions and possible evidence as well as indicators for exemplary, proficient, basic & deficient, here are the questions & evidence.  The specific area I need to work on is transitions.  It is so easy for a middle schooler to get pulled off task and if I give them even a moment of down time they are chattering and moving around the room before I blink.  I am working on getting my stuff organized better so I am not spending time hunting for stuff while I am teaching.  And while this has helped I am not where I want to be yet.  Do you have any transition tips that work for middle schooler that I can steal?  Please share them!

I also want to come up with some attention getting signal, because saying “hey guys be quiet” 20 times is just not working. 🙂  I have 8th graders and I am worried that what ever I come up with will seem elementary.  I have watched Teacher Channel;s videos on attention getting signals but none of them feel quite right for me.  What do you use with middle schoolers?  



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  1. My attention getting signal has worked very well for me. I found it on Pinterest or on a blog somewhere. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember where. I have two signs in my room. The first has 3.14159 and the second has 2653589. In a military type cadence, I say 3.14159 and the students respond with 2653589. Not only does it get their attention, but they are learning the first 13 digits of pi.

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