@teachthought #reflectiveteacher  “What do you love the most about teaching?”

Today was one of those days.  The kind of day that reminds me why I love my job.  2 of my classes had homework last night, not much about 15 problems review decimal operations, and today we were going to “correct it”  I am trying something new this year and if it continues to go like today I am going to love it!  I told kids that instead of me telling them the right answer, they were going to compare answers with their partner.  If they both got the same answer then they were good.  If they got different answers, they both needed to rework the problem on the back, on the side, wherever to see if they could figure out who made the error.  If they still couldn’t they could ask another student at their table or nearby. The kids were engaged, they were sharing strategies, they were talking math and me – I got goose bumps just listening to them.  It was exactly how I envisioned my year.  I hope I can continue to create an environment where my kids give me goose bumps.    



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