My 3-2-1 Summary for the #mtboschallenge

3 Things that I want to work on

1. My timing – it feels like as soon as class starts it’s over.  I am doing several things each day, a number talk warm up, fluency testing and trying to do a lesson.  It is just too much and the day is over before we can start learning it feels like.

2. Number talks – they are going ok, but not great.  Lucky for me Fawn blogged about how she does number talks this week and I may do some adjusting to mine. 

3. Fact practice.  We did fluency testing this week and one averaged 7 minutes (I stopped them at 10) to complete 64 multiplication facts and had 14 errors on average.  Another class averaged 6 minutes (again stopping at 10) and had 11 errors.  The division facts were worse, they took about the same amount of time, but had 18 errors.  We have our work cut out for us.

2 Things I am happy about

1. My Seahawks beat the Packers easily on Thursday night football and I spent time this weekend watching some football.  I love football season.

2. I have a great team I am working with this year.

1 Thing I hope will happen

1. I have asked our district to send our middle school math department to the Northwest Math Conference in Portland, Oct. 9-11.  We find out on Tuesday if we get to go.  Fingers crossed!


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