Trying to catch up, days 5, 6 & 7

@teachthought #reflectiveteacher 30 day challenge, oops.  Well I didn’t get day 5 done, it was to take a pic of your classroom and share what you see and what you don’t see.  I have been in my room lots, but can never remember to take any pics.  Maybe tomorrow. 🙂  

Day 6 What does a good mentor do?  In my opinion a good mentor challenges you to be a better teacher.  There are many ways this can be done, for me personally, I like mentors that ask questions of me causing me to think deeply about my teaching and how I can better reach my students.  A mentor brings me new ideas to try in my room, but reigns me in so I don’t try to do everything at once.  I spend my summer finding great, new things to try in my classroom, but have a hard time sustaining all of them.  Another “job” of the mentor is to be a good listener, not only to what I am saying, but what I am not saying.  They can offer advice when I am struggling and share a laugh to cheer me up when things aren’t going so well.  

Day 7 Who was or is your most inspirational colleague, and why?  This is a really hard one for me to answer because I have so many people that inspire me that I can’t pick just one.  However, this year has been one of my favorite starts to a school year and I think it is due to my math department at Armand. Anne, Dave, & Chelsea have been inspiring me since we first got together in August.  They are willing to help out with Google docs, lesson plans, or just a good laugh.  They make going to work each day fun and I know we are going to do great things this year.  



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