Day 9 @teachthought #reflectiveteacher 30 days blogging challenge.  Here is today’s prompt: Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in your teaching that no one knows about (or may not care).

I don’t know if many people would consider an accomplishment, but I am pretty proud of the fact that I have brought Pentagames to Eastern Oregon for the last five years.  Pentagames is a mathematical competition that was started in Oregon in 1984.  It is a great way for academic kids to get the feel of competition while practicing their math.  You can find out more about Pentagames here.  When I moved to the middle school, I had heard about them before, so I asked my principal if we could host the event.  Thankfully, he said yes.  That first year we were terrible, but the kids tried really hard, I just wasn’t a very good coach because I had not done this before either.  We have improved greatly since then, winning 1st place overall in 2013 and 2nd overall in 2014.  My school has also allowed me to have a Pentagames class during 3rd quarter, the competition is near the beginning of 4th quarter.  During this class students get to play the different games, we learn strategies and practice math.  The kids from the class are then chosen to be a participant or a helper.  I am so blessed that my district, school and math department allow us to do this.  It allows us “nerds” to unite and have fun with math.  Also thank you to Cheryl Klampe-VanHess for starting Pentagames.  



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